Fungal spores enter the bronchi by inhalation (by inhalation), colonize the mucous membrane and cause local inflammation. They germinate well at human body temperature, their number increases rapidly. Allergens constantly entering tissues cause immunological damage and airway obstruction.

In 1980, CTRC started in a park, with three riders, a handful of volunteers and a few borrowed horses. Now, thanks to the unyielding commitment, vision and unwavering support of many wonderful supporters (individuals, foundations, corporations and service clubs) CTRC has a premier facility which allows special needs community members to benefit from CTRC’s premier Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies (EAAT) services year round. Our EAAT services includes therapeutic riding, equine assisted therapy, ground lessons, and specialized ASD and sibling services.

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1440 Volunteers
13+ Employees
22+ Horses
720+ Donors

Signs and symptoms. Patients develop weakness, headache and chest pain, paroxysmal cough with brown sputum in the form of a cast of the bronchi, shortness of breath and hemoptysis (in 50% of cases). Dry rales are heard in the lungs. The prognosis is serious. In patients, severe destructive processes develop in the lungs.

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